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Sienna X 'Tonight's the Night' Rapid Spray Tan

Spray Tan parties (up to 8 people)
Book for 4 and the host gets treatment free!

£15.00 per person

A full consultation is provided before treatment to evaluate each client's individual requirements.

Spray tan strengths vary from 8-16% and selection will vary depending on each individuals preferences and base skin tone.

New to Coastal Zen! Tonight's the Night Rapid Spray Tan. This medium tanning solution develops in only 2-4 hours compared to 8 hours for our normal solution. This makes it perfect for hen parties or those last minute invitations!

The Benefits

Tanned skin can make you look slimmer and give you the ultimate confidence boost whatever you wear, all year round. Whether you have a special event coming up or are making holiday preparations Sienna X spray tanning can make you feel and look amazing.

Sienna X is recognised as one of the most realistic looking fake tans available, with outstandingly natural results.